Our pain physicians understand acute and chronic pain

At Pain Management & Injury Relief (PMIR) Medical Center, we understand intense pain. We know that life is too short to live with it and that you want to get back to your active life as soon as possible. We also know that when you’re in constant pain, everything suffers: your work, your relationships and your quality of life. So whether you’ve had acute, chronic or long-term pain, a recent injury, an accident, or you just don’t want to live with your pain anymore, PMIR’s experienced pain doctors and staff provide effective treatments designed to reduce and manage your pain. Within the Los Angeles area, PMIR is one of the few pain management practices focusing exclusively on the physical, social and psychological aspects of pain. At PMIR, we:

  • Staff a team of physicians with top-tier medical training and complementary specialists who are trained for pain.
  • Consider our physicians as first responders for pain, committed to helping our patients––locally and nationwide––achieve long-term pain relief.
  • Offer a comprehensive, integrated approach to pain management by understanding that acute and chronic pain are often caused by complex conditions affecting your body, mind and spirit.
  • Target and treat the source of your pain for faster relief.
  • Provide minimally invasive and often, nonnarcotic pain relief methods and treatments whenever possible.
  • Help you improve your quality of life through our experience, expertise and knowledge with a treatment continuum for chronic pain.

Whether you live in Ventura County, west L.A. County or anywhere in the Los Angeles area, contact our nearest PMIR Medical Center today.

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