Using Technology to Track Chronic Pain

As you probably know, there is almost always an app for that. Our last post on the My Migraine Triggers app was so popular that we decided to look at other apps that help chronic pain patients recognize patterns in their pain experiences.

The most recent, and very popular addition to the chronic pain app collection called My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain Management was created for and by a pain patient. Software developer and chronic pain sufferer, Damon Lynn, designed the app to help patient’s track common triggers, set reminders for medication, attach photos and even take notes on their pain symptoms. Completely customizable, My Pain Diary can even use your geographic location to help you determine and track how much of a role the weather plays a role in your pain symptoms.

Finding trends, patterns and even a correlation between the weather and your pain will help your pain specialist effectively diagnose your symptoms and create a treatment plan. Although this app has shown to be effective, it is important to remember that it’s primary use is as a communication tool for you and your doctor, and should never replace a proper evaluation by a pain specialist.  Download My Pain Diary now and utilize the best of new technology to help yourself eliminate the communication barrier between yourself and your physician.

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