Who has your back? PMIR does!

We’ve got you covered with a detailed blog report of PAINWeek 2012.  Dr. Mahyar Okhovat and the community relations team head to Las Vegas to get their education on.

Each year the top pain management practitioners gather at PAINWeek.  Over the years, this conference has turned into a powerful expo, where physicians can collaborate with one another to gain invaluable knowledge, a new perspective, and tools to help their patients.  We here at PMIR feel that education is knowledge, and knowledge is action. That is why our physicians are constant in their efforts to stay on top of innovative procedures, alternative therapies, and new ideas that can ultimately help any of our patients suffering from pain.   We feel that by educating ourselves, we can ultimately ensure we are doing our very best to improve each patient’s quality of life.

We invite all our current patients and future patients to follow us this week on our blog as we post from PAINWeek 2012.


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