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NEWS ALERT – There has been discussion in various media outlets recently regarding an outbreak of Spinal Meningitis (SM).  For those that don’t know, SM is the swelling or inflammation of the tissue within the lining of the spinal cord and brain. SM is a serious disease requiring immediate medical attention, as symptoms can arise suddenly within 24-hours of exposure.

PMIR and its affiliated surgery centers are taking the breaking news to heart.  As soon as the news was released several days ago, we aggressively began cross checking our suppliers to ensure that their policy and procedures have rendered minimal risk to our patients.  We are pleased to announce that our suppliers have provided us with expected positive news – our medications and supplies are contaminant-free and not part of the recall of steroid medication related to the outbreak.

It is important for all of our patients to know that our surgery centers and medical offices do not take any medically-related national alert lightly. PMIR holds the highest of standards of care in the medical industry when it comes to patient safety, providing you with the services you need to live pain free lives. We thank you all for your continued commitment and understanding – you have helped shape PMIR into the number one pain management practice in Los Angeles. As a practice, we would like to extend our hearts to all those, victims and families, who have been affected by this outbreak. We will continue to provide any pertinent updates about the outbreak to our patients and readers.

By Pain Management & Injury Relief

Pain Management & Injury Relief is a leading patient-centered pain management clinic in Southern California. Our goal is to help you achieve long-lasting pain relief. By utilizing the latest medical technologies and equipment paired with innovative procedures and treatments, our team can help you improve your quality of life.

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