Sports Injury Treatment

Has a Sports Injury Sidelined You?

At Pain Management & Injury Relief Medical Center, we work hard, and we play hard – and so do our patients. We have many patients that come to us with a debilitating or chronic injury that occurred while they were participating in their favorite sport or outdoor activity. We know how important it is for sports enthusiasts to recover from an injury as soon as possible and get back to doing what they love. We want to help our active and athletic patients recover with the most innovative and least invasive sports injury treatment methods available.

The symptoms of sudden or chronic pain prevent you from participating in the sports you love. But they also limit your ability to enjoy your day-to-day activities and family life. Maybe you’ve had your sports injury treated by a doctor, or maybe you’ve tried to let your body heal on its own. Either way, if you’re still dealing with pain, it’s time to see an Interventional Pain Management specialist.

“It’s like my life is back after 10-15 years in bed”

-Carla K.

Interventional Pain Management

What is Interventional Pain Management? Interventional Pain Management is a specialized approach that concentrates on the use of minimally-invasive techniques to reduce your pain level. This approach also helps your body to heal faster in general. Our specialists are often able to help you to avoid surgery and long-term pain medication, so you can get back to living your most active life sooner.

Sports injuries can happen at any time. An injury could be a sudden trauma while you are doing an activity, or it could be a mild injury that gets worse over time. If you are experiencing any type of sudden or chronic pain or if you are noticing any of the symptoms below, and they don’t seem to be improving with time, it may be time to seek the help of a doctor.

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Sports Injuries?

  • Sharp and/or intermittent pain caused by certain movements.
  • A dull, generalized ache in the affected area.
  • Swelling in the affected area.
  • Redness, bruising or discoloration of the skin.
  • Tenderness in the location of the injury.
  • Inability to support weight.
  • Limited functionality.

Our goal at Pain Management & Injury Relief Medical Center is to help our most active patients find relief and get back in the game.  For the best long-term result and to avoid further injuries, it is imperative that your injury is diagnosed properly. Our sports injury treatment specialists are here to assist you with a thorough examination. They offer the proper analysis necessary for your injury so that you can be restored to your full, pain-free mobility.

Our physicians are experts at pinpointing and diagnosing the source of your pain.  We start by listening to what’s going on with you and asking questions that will help us diagnose your pain. And because everyone experiences pain differently, we create a personalized sports injury treatment plan for you. The goal is minimizing your pain, increasing your functionality, and getting you back to being you as soon as possible. Our physicians also collaborate with Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) specialists and Physical Therapists. This is part of our efforts to treat the whole patient and ensure that you stay pain free.

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Sports Injury Treatment Options

Some of the innovative sports injury treatments that we offer to begin alleviating your pain are:

These treatments may be part of a comprehensive personalized sports injury treatment plan that our physicians will create with you. They are designed to give you immediate pain relief, and to provide you with long-lasting results. The treatments are designed to allow you to get back to your active lifestyle.

If you have chronic pain or discomfort from a sports or activity-related injury, contact us today. See how we can help you to get you back on your feet and back to your energetic life as soon as possible.  It’s time to stop being a spectator and get back in the game!

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