Suffering From Rib or Chest Pain?

The intercostal nerves are located between your ribs and your chest wall. An intercostal nerve block (also known as a neurolytic block) is an injection placed around the intercostal nerves to reduce the pain and inflammation in the surrounding tissues.

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When Is An Intercostal Nerve Block Used?

Blocking the intercostal nerves from pain can prevent you from feeling discomfort in your ribs and chest. When appropriate, they will recommend an intercostal nerve block injection, a minimally invasive procedure that:

  • Can relieve cancer pain, chest pain and shingles (herpes zoster) pain.
  • Is guided by fluoroscopy—a viewing instrument that uses real-time X-rays––to inject a corticosteroid solution to reduce pain and inflammation


An intercostal nerve block can provide pain relief for up to several months.

When used with opioids to control cancer pain, intercostal nerve blocks allow opioid doses to be reduced.

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