What Are Hypogastric Plexus Blocks?

Your hypogastric plexus is a bundle of nerves near the base of your spinal cord. It consists of a network of interconnecting, radiating nerve fibers containing a variety of pain points typically related to a malignancy.

Blocking these nerves from pain can prevent you from feeling discomfort in your lower back and hips. When appropriate, they will recommend a hypogastric plexus block injection that can result in effective pain relief for treating cancer pain and pelvic area pain.

“I’m 98% pain free without taking pain medications”

-Jerry S.

Hypogastric plexus block injections are minimally invasive procedures that:

  • Can relieve pain originating in your bladder, descending colon, ovaries, perineum, prostate, rectum, testicles, urethra, uterus, vagina, and vulva.
  • Are guided by fluoroscopy—a viewing instrument that uses real-time X-rays––to inject a solution to reduce pain and inflammation.


A hypogastric plexus block is a fast-acting, minimally invasive procedure that is effective at treating chronic pelvic pain.

With this nerve plexus block, some patients will experience pain relief for weeks while others will experience a reduction of pain for several years.

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