Want Relief From Back Joint Pain?

Approximately 50% of patients experience pain relief after facet blocks that can last from several days to several months or even years. The pain relief provided by a facet block injection can help patients better tolerate their prescribed physical therapy regimen to rehabilitate their back.  A facet joint injection can also be used to diagnose the cause and location of a patient’s pain as well as provide pain relief.

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience”

-Cody T.

What Is A Facet Block?

Facet block injections are minimally invasive procedures that:

  • Can relieve neck or back pain caused by inflamed facet joints, which are the small joints at each segment of your spine that provide stability and help guide motion.
  • Are guided by fluoroscopy—a viewing instrument that uses real-time X-rays––to inject a steroid solution into the facet joint capsule to reduce inflammation.
  • Are often effective at relieving pain in your cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), or lumbar (lower back) facet joints.

Conditions Facet Block Injections Can Treat

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