If you’re one of the millions of Americans living with chronic pain, you know how difficult it can be to find relief. Pain can significantly reduce your quality of life, making it hard to work, sleep, and enjoy activities you once loved. But don’t give up hope! A Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center may be able to help. Our top priority is patient care and relief. If you’re living with chronic pain a pain and spine specialist may be of great value to you.

A Pain Specialist can help you find relief from your chronic pain in new and innovative ways. Pain Management Centers offer a wide range of treatments, including medication, physical therapy, and surgery. They also offer comprehensive care, so you can get all of the treatment you need under one roof.


Our founder, Dr. Alexander Hersel, is nationally recognized as one of the most highly trained and experienced physicians performing spinal cord stimulator implants for failed back surgery syndrome in Southern California. He believes in creating comprehensive solutions for treating pain and utilizes today’s leading-edge technologies and procedures to manage acute and chronic pain, including epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, nerve root blocks, morphine spinal pump implants, and discography. His comprehensive care plans consider long-term relief for acute and chronic conditions.

If you’re struggling to find relief from chronic pain, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center. We may be able to help. Thank you for reading!


  • Graduated from Hahnemann University School of Medicine
  • Completed his internship in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York
  • Completed his residency in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center
  • Obtained his Fellowship in Pain Management at the University of California, Los Angeles
Pain and Spine Specialist

”  It was during my anesthesiology residency that I began to understand how chronic pain works truly. Today, I spend a lot of time with
my patients to understand their pain source, and I use both Western and alternative therapies to help ease it. When you walk
into my office, I truly want the best for you. I don’t settle for mild success but believe in the completion of what we started together