Are You Suffering From Chronic, Constant Pain?

At PMIR Medical Center, our pain and spine specialists understand the nuances of chronic pain. We interview each patient to determine what caused your pain and how long it’s been bothering you and to discuss customized treatment plans that often include nerve blocks. Nerve blocks are a procedure that aims to reduce or eliminate pain by disrupting nerve activity in a specific region of the body, thereby limiting the severity of pain signals traveling through the area.

The clinic staff and doctors have made the entire process easy and comfortable for me.


What Are Nerve Blocks?

Nerve blocks are a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting specific chemicals into the tissue surrounding a major nerve or by deliberately damaging portions of that nerve with a precise cut. While this sounds drastic, nerve blocks can save a person from a continued lifetime of debilitating pain. For instance, in cases of chronic neuropathic pain, where nerve damage can cause continuous pain. Nerve block injections are an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory medicine that blocks pain signals from a specific area of the body or reduces inflammation in that area. In short, nerve blocks help relieve pain by interrupting how pain signals are sent to your brain. Injections are generally used for people with severe chronic pain, including (but not limited to):

Chronic Pain-Relieving Benefits

Nerve blocks can be used to:

    • Determine the sources of pain.
    • Treat an array of chronic pain conditions.
    • Provide short-term pain relief after some surgeries.
    • Predict how pain will respond to certain long-term treatments.
    • Improve patients’ quality of life without the restrictions previously caused by pain.

Why Choose PMIR Medical Center?

At PMIR Medical Center, our team of medically trained pain management specialists understands your pain and the most effective way to treat it. We use standards of excellence, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative procedures to develop customized integrative treatment plans to help you achieve long-term, sustainable pain relief. To learn more about how we can help you return to a pain-free, productive lifestyle, schedule an appointment with a PMIR physician today.


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