Meet Dr. Manoj Jagtiani

Dr. Manoj Jagtiani, D.O.

Pain & Spine Specialist, Anesthesiologist


Dr. Jagtiani , comes to us from the east coast, born and raised from humble beginnings in New York and New Jersey. He completed medical school in New York at the top of his class and his preliminary Internal Medicine training within the well-respected and rigorous environment of SUNY-Downstate/Kings County in inner-city Brooklyn, New York.


Dr. Jagtiani successfully completed his Anesthesiology training at the prestigious Tufts University in Boston, MA, the birthplace of anesthesiology. There, he was blessed to have been exposed to the various styles and approaches of pioneers in the field, performing many clinical duties and training rotations at the most elite institutions including the Harvard hospitals of Beth Israel Deaconess and “The Brigham.”

He is unique in that his passion for pain medicine runs so deep he was dedicated to becoming a pain medicine physician by his second year of medical school. By that time, he was already active in state and national organizations, had embarked upon clinically significant research published in various media & respected academic journals, and even developed the concept of an electronic safe narcotic pill dispensing device for purpose of weaning off opiates and benzodiazepines: The Pill Popper Stopper.


He is Ivy League trained in Interventional Pain Medicine, gaining acceptance to ultra-competitive Stanford University, the field’s most premier and elite institution for cutting edge advancements and research in chronic pain medicine.

There, he was exposed to interventions/treatments on the forefront of the field such as peripheral nerve stimulation, investigated autonomic and pelvic predicated pain, spearheaded investigations for treating fibromyalgia with Stellate Ganglion Blocks, and was trained by key opinion leaders in the field such as industry leader Dr. Leong, his most cherished mentor.


Dr. Jagtiani has a passion for psychology which he holds a degree in. He most recently became an instructor for Stanford’s EMPOWERED Relief program . He is currently investigating the integration of EMDR and Self-Hypnosis in the context of chronic pain.

Dr. Jagtiani possesses a great deal of former work experience & knowledge within the fitness industry which he integrates in his patient care. He is an active bodybuilder for over 20 years and has carved out a niche for himself in personalized medical fitness & nutrition consultations,  personalized health & wellness, neuromuscular and osteopathic manipulative medicine , and even endocrinological modalities in chronic pain.


He has sought to live life perpetually investigating , learning, and advocating for those marginalized or misunderstood. He spends his free time mentoring the next generation of pain physicians and has been involved in scholarly activity of all variety, recently performing public lectures on Chronic Pain and Sleep, Neuromuscular Medicine, and Pain and Marijuana. His lectures are available through Stanford and American Academy of Pain Medicine.


Dr. Jagtiani views the human body as capable of incredible self-regulation and self-healing via its own supreme level of consciousness. He views each patient as product of a dynamic interaction between the body, mind, and spirit, and thus approaches each patient as a unique individual, employing multidisciplinary and multimodal treatment designs in addition to advanced interventional pain techniques.

His fundamental tenant is to always treat his patient as though it was his own sister, brother, or mother.