7 Must-Visit Websites for Chronic Pain Sufferers

The following post is written by one of our Community Relations team members, Robyn Carey.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with dermographism, a bizarre condition in which you can “write” on your skin — your scratches appearing as a temporary rash. As the condition got worse, people started noticing my constant itching, and the red welts appearing all over my body whenever pressure was applied. I was confused and scared. How did I develop this condition? What could I do to relieve the itching and welts? How common is it? Was it something I would have to live with for the rest of my life?

I scoured the internet for information, looking for resources and stories by people who have suffered from the condition. The tools I gained from my research were invaluable to me when talking to my doctor, and the stories I read were some how comforting, reminding me that a diagnosis doesn’t have to control of your life.

About a year after my diagnosis, the condition subsided, however I can not forget how important it was to me to have resources at my finger tips. We understand that when you are suffering, you are thirsty for as much information as you can get. Here are 7 great additional resources, vetted by PMIR, for the chronic pain sufferer.

  • PainAction.comDeveloped by Inflexxion, Inc., a non-profit organization, Pain Action is one of our favorite chronic pain resources. With interactive tools, relevant articles, and a members-only section, Pain Action is a must-visit for anyone suffering from chronic pain.
  • InTheFaceOfPain.comDo you have a loved one who is suffering from chronic pain? In The Face of Pain is designed for advocates of chronic pain sufferers. Find out what you can do to help you family member or friend who has chronic pain.
  • PartnersAgainstPain.comCreated by the same company who developed In The Face of Pain, Partners Against Pain is a great resource for first-time chronic pain sufferers to learn more about how to effective communicate about your pain condition.
  • PainConnection.orgIf you are feeling alone in your experience with chronic pain, Pain Connection offers access to virtual chronic pain support groups, with members from around the country.
  • Life with Chronic Pain BlogSometimes, it just helps to be able to read and relate to someone else’s experience with your condition. Sue Falkner-Wood, blog author of Life with Chronic Pain, writes every week about her trials and tribulations with chronic pain.
  • Migraines.comIf you’re suffering from migraines, Migraines.com offers a wealth of resources on triggers and management, as well as community forums.
  •  MyMigraineJournal.comLast Friday, we wrote about using a journal to help you identify migraine triggers. While pen and paper always works to track your migraine onsets, we like My Migraine Journal because it makes it easy to find patterns with calendar views and data analytics.


As a vital part of our practice, we will continue to provide our patients with resources about their condition and treatment options. Being diagnosed with chronic pain can be scary and confusing, but we are here to offer guidance and help. Make an appointment now with one of our physicians in Los Angeles or Ventura county if you think you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain.


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