Alleviating Pain With Meditation

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Every day we are faced with numerous thoughts and decisions that can trigger stress. These situations can lead to feelings of anxiety and, distress and negatively impact happiness levels. Stress can have a significant effect on people living with chronic pain as it irritates the nervous system and increases discomfort levels. Dealing with chronic pain can be overwhelming and lead to a lower sense of well-being and mental anxiety. This can be an overpowering problem, but there are certain lifestyle changes that can help alleviate some of the stress associated with daily life. Meditation provides a break from a hectic lifestyle forces you to slow down and can provide a respite from pain. Practicing meditation shifts the focus from worry to creating a calmer mind, transforming the negative to positive and provides an opportunity to listen to your body.

One of the main benefits of meditation is its ability to reduce stress.

Practicing meditation has a variety of benefits, including:

1. Calming the mind

2. Peace and freedom from stress

Which leads to…

3. Overall greater happiness

When the mind is consumed with thoughts and concerns it is not able to reach a peaceful state and it is hard to feel content. The goal of mediation is to turn attention away from distracting thoughts and instead focus on the present. Much like exercise trains your body, meditation trains the mind.

A simple breathing meditation is a good place to start when learning how to meditate. This practice involves stopping all circulating thoughts, making the mind clear and focusing solely on breathing. Through this practice you allow the distracting thoughts to subside, and instead fill your mind with feelings of happiness and contentment. Ignoring all wandering thoughts is hard at first but focusing on your breath, body sensations, a word or phrase can help you to focus on the present. Clearing your mind and entering a moment of calm serenity provides a momentary relief from your pain because you are turning your attention away from your discomfort and instead living in the present. Training your mind to deal with body pain in this new way helps create a sense of calm and control.

Meditation reduces stress, thereby easing the nervous system-reaction that exacerbates pain. It can help treat pain from a social and psychological level and has both physical and mental benefits. It can lower high blood pressure, reduce anxiety, decrease tension-related pain, increase serotonin production to improve mood, boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

Meditation makes you conscious of your inner attitude and how it can determine your happiness. It can give people with chronic pain a way to regain control of their life, learn to deal with the stress that increases pain and learn how to control their emotions. You can gain a renewed sense of energy and feel better equipped to tackle the ups and downs that come with life. Meditation can provide a more positive outlook and give you the opportunity to escape daily discomfort and find some inner peace.



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