Chronic Pain? You are not alone!

Chronic pain is a potentially debilitating disease, therefore it is important for individuals suffering from chronic pain to have a support network, whether it’s friends, families, or simply someone to relate too.  At PMIR, we understand that chronic pain can be very difficult to live with, and it may be hard to find someone in your life to relate to, but the journey of healing from chronic pain does not need to be a lonely one. Although our physicians collaborate with many physicians in the medical community to find you the right treatment options, it is always helpful and beneficial to heal with others that may be experiencing the same emotional and mental fatigue that chronic pain may cause.

As part of our goal to provide our patients and readers with as many resources as possible, we would like to alert you of an opportunity to meet and bond with others who have similar pain patterns and symptoms. Please take some time to look at the links below for meet-up groups.  If you have some suggestions of groups to join not listed on these websites, please contact our Community Relations department at 310-449-1000 or to let us know so that we can provide those opportunities to our patients.


At PMIR, we target and treat the source of your chronic pain by customizing a treatment plan based on your unique health assessment.  Pain is not simply a physical state of discomfort.  Pain affects a person on many levels, taxing them emotionally, physically, and mentally.  PMIR seeks to provide our patients with the best healthcare, educational tools, and service to aid in their recovery. As PMIR is always working toward giving our patients with exactly what they need, let us know how we can help you or a loved one suffering from chronic pain.

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