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It has been estimated that 17% of the population suffers from migraine headaches. Migraine is not just a severe headache, but a debilitating neurological disorder with numerous symptoms affecting several areas of the body. Migraine type of headaches typically affect one side of the head and can last up to two days if left untreated. For most sufferers the headache is not the only painful part. Symptoms like nausea, vision impairment, light and sound sensitivity and auras can exacerbate the pulsing and pounding in the head. A migraine can be brought on by a multitude of triggers including stress, certain foods, and changes in a person’s environment.

Research to find a cure for migraine is ongoing. The American Migraine Foundation is a non-profit organization that aids in research, fundraising and information gathering to support the migraine community. Dr. David Dodick is a prominent neurologist for the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and is the chair of the American Migraine Foundation. The foundation seeks to spotlight migraine so that a cure can eventually be found. With programs such as their Academic Headache Centers and public awareness program they have helped to raise awareness of just how incapacitating this disorder can be.

In Southern California, PMIR has followed recent research in migraine treatment and is well equipped with many pain management techniques to help relieve you of the pain. PMIR specialists, use a series of physical and neurological tests to determine your symptoms, triggers, and to rule out more serious problems such as a tumor, abscess or blood clot. Once they have a diagnosis they can build a pain management plan for you. Treatments such as Botox injections, Platelet Rich Plasma injections, nerve blocks and trigger point injections are available at PMIR. A PMIR doctor will work with you and your physician to determine which treatment is best for you.

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    Migraine is characterized by tremendous pain in the head. This pain can last from a few hours to a few days. change in arterial pressure in the head constitute the prime reason for migraine headache.

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