Dear Dr. Hersel… “I’m certain you saved my life.”

J.B., a professional golf player and teacher in Ventura County, was experiencing back back for five years. Little did he know, his back pain was a symptom of a more serious condition, and he believes that Dr. Hersel changed the course of his life!

Golf-instructor-painDear Dr. Hersel,

My name is J.B. I am the golf professional who came to see you with my wife last September at complaining of back pain.

After telling you our story of the constant back pain I had suffered with for the last five years, you ordered an MRI to see what you were working with. I saw many doctors in the past five years, but you were the only one who ordered an MRI. That MRI probably ended up saving my life.

To your surprise, the MRI showed a mass in my back, near the spine. You were very straightforward when you told us the results of the MRI. You suggested we see an oncologist right away, but you wanted to be kept in the loop. I am writing to you to say Thank You!

For the past 10 months I have been under the expert care of a doctor in Thousand Oaks. He, like you, has been a god-send. The diagnosis was Multiple Myeloma and my doctor attacked it immediately with a heavy regimen of injections and chemo pills. Today I am happy to report that the cancer is nearly in remission and my back pain is gone.

Were it not for you ordering that MRI I probably wouldn’t have been around very long.  I saw many doctors before I visited your office, but not a single one of them suggested an MRI. You ordered the MRI within the first 15 minutes we were in your office.

Again, I’m certain you saved my life. You seemed to care when no other doctor, even our primary care person, cared enough. If you can believe it, some of the doctors I saw recommended I take three Aleeve a day for the pain. I’m glad we decided to see you at that time.

So there you have it. I’ve kept you in the loop. When we visited you, you said your golf swing needed attention. I’d like to help if you have the time. Just know that my wife and I will be eternally grateful to you for your care and counsel.

Thank You and May God Bless You,

Mr. and Mrs. J.B.

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