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Recently the PMIR community relations staff had a welcoming at a well known law firm in downtown Los Angeles as part of a collaborative medical community effort. While at the health fair, PMIR was able to display and discuss our practice by promoting outstanding general health to their employees.  PMIR values these opportunities as it provides our company with a platform to educate patients directly on their health needs, discuss options relating to Pain Management, and provide pertinent feedback for patients who have had previous experiences with pain.

PMIR is focused on three tenants: Collaboration, Education, and Empowerment. The forum at the law firm allowed PMIR to meet and collaborate with not only patients, but also potential complementary alternative medicine practitioners. PMIR was then able to educate staffs and potential patients. Finally, the firm opened their doors to their employees in an effort to empower their staff by offering different medical provider options.

We thank the law firm for their time and consideration, and we will continue to help build the medical community one positive patient outcome at a time. We look forward to sharing with you future success as PMIR continues to lead the community in Pain Education.

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