Pain Control Techniques (Part 2)

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6. Transfer– This technique requires your mind to imagine an altered sensation, like heat, cold, or anesthetic in a non-painful hand, and then placing the hand on the painful area. You can imagine that the pleasant sensation is being transferred to the painful area on your body.

7. Age progression/regression- During this method, you remember a previous time in your life that you were pain-free or imagine yourself in the future with no pain.

8. Symbolic Imagery– Envision a symbol that represents your chronic pain, like an extremely bright light or a high-pitched loud noise, and imagine the light or sound diminishing.  You can imagine that your chronic pain is diminishing just like the light or sound.

9. Positive Imagery– This technique allows you to escape to wherever makes you feel happy and relaxed. Imagine being at the beach, in the mountains, with your family or best friends.

10. Counting– Silent counting is a good way to deal with painful episodes. You can focus on breathing when you count slowly in your head or imagine pictures of the numbers as you count them.

11. Pain Movement– Imagine moving your chronic back pain from one area to another where it is more tolerable, like your foot or hand.  You can also try to imagine moving it off of your body.

These techniques are best learned with a psychology professional, but can be practiced every time you experience an episode of pain.  It’s recommended that you practice at least 5 times a week to achieve the best results.  Once you start learning to relax through these techniques, the better you can manage your chronic pain.

Please review our previous post to view pain control techniques Part 1. Visit for more information on the 11 Chronic Pain Control Techniques.

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