September is Pain Awareness Month

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What Can You Do to Help Raise Awareness During September’s Pain Awareness Month? 

As the leaves begin to change color, and the desolate school halls are bustling once again, it’s clear that fall has made its way back around to us! September is a month of transition, resilience, and compassion – the perfect month to raise awareness of chronic pain.

History of Pain Awareness Month

The first Pain Awareness Month was declared in 2001. The American Chronic Pain Association led various groups and established a plan of action to raise public awareness through a nation-wide campaign. The U.S. Pain Foundation established its mission, stating that “Chronic pain is often misunderstood and stigmatized by the general public. U.S. Pain believes that, in order to create positive change in the perception of pain, people living with chronic pain must share their stories far and wide” (U.S. Pain Foundation)

Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center will be showing support and raising awareness of Pain during the month of September utilizing the hashtag #PainAwarenessMonth18.

How Can I Help Raise Awareness?

Interested in helping raise awareness? Here’s how you can help:

  1. Spread the Word: Use the hashtag #PainAwarenessMonth18 or #PainWarriorsUnite on social media platforms
  2. Share Your Story: If you are a Pain Warrior, share your story here or email if you would like PMIR to share your story.

Chronic Pain Facts

  • Nearly 100 million Americans experience chronic pain (John Hopkins Medicine)
  • Pain starts in receptor nerve cells located beneath the skin and in organs throughout the body
  • Living with pain can be debilitating and adversely affect everyday life
  • Pain affects more Americans than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined

Follow Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as we show support for Pain Awareness throughout the month of September and onward.


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