Ginger’s Story

Ginger, a lifetime resident of Moorpark, CA, began her pain journey at the age of 27 when she had her first back surgery. Two years later, she had to have a second back surgery. After the surgery, complications arose and she had to have part of her tailbone removed due to an infection. As a mom of four children at the time, this was very difficult for their family. Ginger felt like she always had to “power through the pain.” With pain medication, her pain would only go down to a five or six on the pain scale.  Finally, Dr. Hersel suggested that she try the NevroHF10 Spinal Cord Stimulator. She was hesitant about having another procedure done, but decided to give it a try.  After the trial period, Ginger said “I couldn’t believe it. I would recommend others to at least try it if nothing else has worked. The procedure has minimal downtime.” It’s been a year since Ginger decided to get the implant, and she couldn’t be happier.