Linda’s chronic pain journey started when she was working at a legal firm and had a slip and fall accident. Over the course of several years, and after being rear-ended in the car multiple times, she developed a ruptured disc in her lower back, causing severe pain. Prior to treatment, she could not walk more than a few houses down the road without stopping to take breaks. She was prescribed pain medication, but did not want to be taking medication for the rest of her life. Dr. Alexander Hersel recommended HF10 therapy – a new, innovative spinal cord stimulator system. She received the procedure in the Spring of 2017 and now, has NO pain in her lower back. Ms. Allen says, “My back feels so great, I sometimes forget to charge the stimulator. I guess that’s a good sign – I forget it’s there at times.” She’s even able to get back to her passion for dancing by taking tap dancing classes. “All my life I’ve wanted to take dance lessons, and never had the time.” Now, Linda is able to pursue her passion.