Understanding Upper and Lower Back Pain

When upper and lower back pain goes untreated, it can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, reduced mobility and a decreased quality of life. Untreated back pain can also get worse over time as nerve fibers that transmit pain impulses to the brain become more effective at sending pain signals-in an attempt to get your attention. Back pain can become difficult to treat, and it can even affect the body’s immune system.

Did you know that back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans 45 and older? This infographic explains some of the common causes of low back pain and treatments. 8 in 10 Americans will experience low back pain in their lifetime – know your options and start to relieve back pain.

Back Pain Infographic - Get Back At Your Back Pain

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We Understand What You’re Going Through

At PMIR Medical Center, our pain management doctors understand the importance of effectively treating back pain before it leads to associated complications.

  • All of our physicians are trained back pain management specialists who use state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the underlying cause of your back pain-and its side effects.
  • We develop customized, integrative treatment plans that utilize the safest and most effective back pain management techniques.
  • We treat patients in the Los Angeles area as well as nationwide.

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