Behind the Relay: PMIR shows support and personal stories at Simi Valley’s Relay for Life

This past weekend, Simi Valley hosted their 14th Annual Relay for Life. In support of the American Cancer Society, the community gathered to show that they value those affected, those lost, and those fighting the disease. Everyone was there for the same reason – “less cancer, more birthdays.”

At PMIR, we share those same values. Every day, we interact with patients in pain, with some of those patients also suffering from cancer. We understand that battling this disease takes a support team of family, friends, and healthcare providers. Our job as part of a patient’s team is to manage their pain, as no disease should have to stop you from living the life you want or deserve.

For us, the Simi Valley Relay was another way for us to show our patients and their support team that we are invested in their care and in finding a cure. By the end of the Relay, PMIR raised over $6,500 and collectively walked over 50 miles.

Watch the video below to see inspiring images from the event and to meet staff members who expressed why they relay.

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