Celebrities Inspire Others to Seek Pain Management

By October 14, 2013March 8th, 2019Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can make you feel isolated, alone, and frustrated. You may question why you of all people have to deal with it. It’s important to recognize that you’re not alone, and your experience with pain can inspire others to seek help. It’s a condition that many suffer from and public figures have been known to speak out about their experience with pain. You must believe in living the best life possible.

The Academy- Award winning actor, George Clooney, has opened up about his injury on the set of Syriana in 2005 when he fell on his head and neck during a torture scene. It took doctors weeks to figure out that fluid was leaking from his spine.  He had spinal surgery to reinforce his spine with bolts; however, his injury has never completely healed. After a series of surgeries and treatments, one pain management specialist’s advice stuck with him. The doctor said, “You can’t mourn for how you used to feel because you’re not going to feel the same again. It will get better, but wont be the same.” Clooney’s condition is now manageable, saying“ I’ve gone from where I can’t function to where I’ve got a bad headache”.

Another famous Hollywood actor, Morgan Freeman, was in a car accident a few years ago where the car flipped and rolled over forcing him to be pulled from the wrecked vehicle. Freeman suffered major injuries to his left shoulder. Despite having surgery to repair the nerve damage in his shoulder, the nerves in his his left hand were beyond repair.  As a result, he must wear a compression glove on his left hand to ensure that blood doesn’t pool there. Excruciating pain shoots up his left arm periodically, debilitating him for that moment. He’s learned to have a positive outlook on life, still golfing with just his right arm.

Jennifer Grey, the actress in Dirty Dancing and the 2010 Dancing with the Stars champ suffered from chronic neck pain after getting into a terrible car accident in 1987. She managed the pain for years with Advil and ice packs, but never really found complete relief. After surgery to insert a plate in her neck to ease pain and prevent further damage, Grey joined Dancing with the Star’s to challenge herself.  She wanted to inspire others to seek treatment. The surgery was successful, leaving her pain free.

Paula Abdul, a celebrity judge on “American Idol” was interviewed about her chronic pain condition in a 2005 People magazine interview. For 25 years Adbul suffered from undiagnosed, excruciating pain that didn’t subside with prescriptions or treatments. Her bought with pain all started when she suffered a neck injury while cheerleading at age 17, but was exacerbated by a few car accidents later on in life. She has since been diagnosed with regional sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).  People with RSD develop burning sensations in limbs and sometimes parts of their body go numb.  Once she states, “ I woke up and couldn’t move one side of my body. I had to lay in bed until the housekeeper found me, and could get help.” Abdul says she has found treatments that can manage her pain, and she still has a positive outlook on life.


To read the full interview on Morgan Freeman visit http://www.esquire.com/features/morgan-freeman-interview-0812

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