Chronic Pain Can Affect Productivity


Chronic pain can affect all areas of your life. If you suffer from pain, simple daily activities can become tedious and can create a host of other problems. Depression and anxiety are common with prolonged pain. When these disorders set in, more areas of your life can be disrupted. Work is especially difficult if you are suffering from chronic pain. Your productivity level can decrease if even one problem arises in your life.

Why Does Pain Affect Productivity?

Daily work activities that can take a toll on the body often go unnoticed. Sitting at a desk can cause neck and back problems, while standing all day can cause lower back and leg problems. Many of us spend much of our days at work performing repetitive motions, day in and day out. Sometimes these work activities can cause the chronic pain, and continuing the work can exacerbate the problem. When our work is putting strain on the body, our productivity declines. When we are committed to doing a good job, we push through the pain and start to feel even worse because we can’t complete our tasks to the best of our potential.

How Can We Increase Productivity?

Pinpointing the cause of the pain is the first step. If the pain is being caused by a particular task at work, check with a supervisor to see if there is a way to avoid or modify that task until you can better manage your pain. If your overall job is affecting the pain, i.e., sitting at a desk for long periods, you can take steps to minimize the pain and increase productivity. Taking frequent breaks or changing your surroundings can help.  If you sit, ask your boss if there are some tasks you can do that allow you to stand more, so that you are not putting as much strain on your back. Buying ergonomically correct furniture and office supplies will also help to alleviate the pain and get you back to your productive self.  Always speak to your employer about any changes you make; if these changes can help your productivity, he or she will probably be willing to help. Seeking help from a doctor and possibly a psychologist is recommended if the pain becomes too much to handle. A psychologist can diagnose and treat depression and anxiety, and a pain management specialist can help determine the cause of your pain and determine the best course of treatment. You may not be able to prevent all pain, but you can ensure it does not affect your productivity.

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