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By November 13, 2014June 15th, 2020PMIR in the Community

Check out Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center’s exclusive commercial airing at select movie theaters including Muvico Thousand Oaks 14, Regency Janss Marketplace 9 and Regency Agoura Hills 8 – now airing till December 12, 2014! The commercial will highlight the expert pain management practice and provide examples of how chronic pain can interfere with your daily activities.

Located in Santa Monica and Thousand Oaks, California, PMIR is staffed with expert care professionals that include pain management specialists, anesthesiologists and neurologists. Their expertise in providing a comprehensive pain solution and treating a wide range of conditions from arthritis and herniated disk pain to cancer pain is what makes them stand out above the rest.

Stop letting pain control your life.  If you or someone you love suffers from acute or chronic pain, call the pain experts at Pain Management and Injury Relief Medical Center at (855) 764-7633 to make an appointment today.

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About Pain Management & Injury Relief

Pain Management & Injury Relief is a leading patient-centered pain management clinic in Southern California. Our goal is to help you achieve long-lasting pain relief. By utilizing the latest medical technologies and equipment paired with innovative procedures and treatments, our team can help you improve your quality of life.

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