PMIR Supporting the Cancer Support Community

PMIR Supporting the Cancer Support Community

Dr. Hersel and his team at PMIR are active supporters of the Cancer Support Community Valley/
Ventura/Santa Barbara. At PMIR the doctors have treated numerous cancer patients and have seen
how destructive this disease can be to a patient’s body. They have helped those currently in treatment for cancer and other patients who have had lasting effects after beating cancer. Through their pain management services they have given patients suffering from cancer a new outlook free from the debilitating pain. Dr. Hersel is committed to helping serve the community to raise awareness and money for this remarkable group.

The Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara is an independent non-profit community providing necessary support to cancer patients. Through support groups, classes on nutrition and exercise, and educational workshops this dedicated group provides cancer patients and their families a much needed outlet in their time of need. Many cancer patients do not have the resources to fully educate themselves about their disease and all the hardships they are about to face. The Cancer Support Community allows patients to have these resources at their fingertips to help guide them through the process. They support the patients and show them they do not have to go through this painful battle alone.

Dr. Hersel has been involved in countless activities and events held by the Cancer Support Community as well as other cancer support groups. In 2013 PMIR raised $6,500 at Relay for Life to support the cancer community. They have continued their support in 2014 and are planning to keep it going in 2015 and for many years to come. Their team has seen firsthand what the support really means to the patients who are fighting for their lives. PMIR invites you to join them in helping this extraordinary non-profit by getting involved however you can.

Learn more about the events PMIR is involved with by viewing their website If you would like to provide support to the Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara please visit their website Dr. Hersel and PMIR are proud to support cancer patients in all the ways they can. Be a part of their community by lending your support as well.

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