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Imagine you walk into a large conference room and are greeted with an iPod touch and headphones. Immediately, you become immersed in the device, which is taking place of human interaction. A couple things might come to mind. What if I have a question, who is going to answer? How does this device work? What’s going on?

You’re attending an interactive lecture showcase at PAINWeek, and that iPod Touch is your guide. As with advancement of medicine, there is also an advancement of tools used in relaying information to the masses. By incorporating technology into this event, practitioners can engage in an educational lecture at their own pace and go on with their schedules when they’re done.

This is where technology has taken us. With the touch of a finger, massive amounts of information are within reach. PMIR understands this – the world has been in the information technology era for some time, and the medical industry seems to only just now be catching up. At PMIR, we feel the more accurate information, the better. That is why we developed our symptom checker, and other resources for our patients. We are constantly looking for new ways to provide our patients with the information they need about chronic pain to make informed choices about their health.

PMIR cares about your health and wellness. We invest in our communities and patients by providing educational resources that keep you engaged and empowered as an advocate for your pain free life.

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