Back it Up: Before You Go Under the Knife, Consider These Alternatives

By May 13, 2016December 27th, 2018Back Pain, Infographics

Back surgery can be –well–a pain in the neck (and back). While 56 million Americans suffer from back pain, only an estimated five percent require surgery. Surgery isn’t always the ideal treatment and operations can fail or lead to additional operations. Although back surgery is one course of action, there are effective alternatives to consider before going under the knife. From herbal remedies, acupuncture and yoga to chiropractic adjustments and epidural injections, we’ve got the details on the top alternatives to help choose what’s best for you!

Back It Up Infographic

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  • Lisa Roberts says:

    I just want to say this information has been helpful in knowing the best treatment for me.i have suffered back problems since age 30years old and now I’m 52..I have got ten worse.but I’m seeking more question is why don’t doctors get to the root of the problem..if that’s possible?or pessary..I just think it would solve the problem..or at least fix some issues..I’m just tired of the same pain everyday!thanks again..lisa

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