Tips to Avoid Neck and Back Pain During Cyber Monday Shopping

By November 27, 2017May 13th, 2020Back Pain, Neck Pain

Maintain healthy posture habits while shopping online this holiday season.


☑ Phone or laptop fully charged
☑ High speed internet
☑ Favorite shopping websites bookmarked
☑ Credit card number memorized
☐ Healthy posture habits

You’ve got everything checked off on your list for online shopping this Cyber Monday, but there’s one important item you may have skimmed over – tips for maintaining good posture!  Avoid waking up with a stiff neck or back during the bustling holiday season.  Here are a few quick tips to help improve your posture while browsing the web for deals and anytime you use your phone, laptop or computer!

  1. Lie down: If you are browsing the internet on your phone or tablet, lie on your back and hold it above your head.
  2. Keep it at eye level: Bring your phone, laptop or tablet screen to eye level so your head isn’t slouched forward.
  3. Work it out: Strong core muscles are essential for supporting the upper body, including your neck. Exercise your core muscles regularly to strengthen your neck and prevent injuries.
  4. While sitting at your kitchen table: Push your hips as far back as they can go in the chair. Roll your shoulders back and tuck chin in slightly.
  5. Support yourself: Use a rolled up towel or firm pillow behind your lower back for lumbar support.
  6. Take a break: The deals will still be there when you get back! Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Take a few minutes to walk around and get some fresh air.


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