Your Guide to Reducing Pain During Holiday Travel

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There’s no better feeling than spending quality time with loved ones during the holiday season. However, reuniting with family and friends can sometimes mean a painfully long trip. Whether it’s a cross-country car ride, hours standing in the airport, or long periods of sitting on a train, these tips can easily help mitigate the acute or chronic pain you may be feeling.

In-flight Exercises
Waiting in line at the airport, carrying heavy bags and long plane flights can wreak havoc on your neck, back, and legs. Air travel can create a whole host of other painful bodily aches and pains. There are not many situations in which your body rests in a sitting position for such a long period of time with little to no movement. Your neck and back are unsupported by traditional airplane seats and with only a small amount of legroom you could be at risk for blood clots in your legs. When was the last time you thought about exercising or stretching while spending 4 hours sitting?

  • Stay loose on the plane ride with these tips:
    The Foot Twirl
    1. Lift both feet off the floor
    2. Rotate Feet in Circles
    3. Repeat 5 times clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Knees Up
    1. Lift one knee towards your chest, using hands as support
    2. Hold Position for 15 seconds and repeat with other leg
  • Walk it Out
    1. Every now and then (when the seatbelt sign is off) get up for a stroll down the aisle

Chronic Pain in Cars
If you are a passenger, many of the exercises done on a plane can be used in the car. What if you are the driver? Your arms and legs are in unnatural positions with little to no relief. Here are a few tips to help reduce pain during your time on the road:

  • All About Support: On a long drive make sure your back is supported. If you usually recline the seat or sit far from the steering wheel you may want to adjust for a longer ride. Place a small pillow or rolled-up towel behind the lower part of your back to support the natural curve of your spine.
  • Give Me a Break: Taking breaks during your long drive is extremely important. If you start to feel pain, pull over and take a walk or do some simple stretches. Your health is more important than arriving on time.


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