Pain of Olympic Proportions

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Have you been staying up to date on the Olympics this year? Every day our office is buzzing with updates. From jousting fencers to cycling racers, it seems there is a sport for everyone to enjoy. Part of the allure of the Olympic games is to watch outstanding athletes push their bodies to the limit, preforming under incredible pressure and stress. Unfortunately, this strain causes significant wear and tear on joints, muscles and ligaments. This year, one of pain’s victims is Australian swimmer and triple Olympic gold medalist Stephanie Rice.

By all accounts, Stephanie Rice was a strong contender to defend her Olympic titles from the games in Beijing. Sadly, due to a chronic pain condition related to a shoulder injury and subsequent surgeries, Rice may not be able to compete at the pace needed to win her another gold. Pain Management & Injury Relief’s (PMIR) Dr. Alexander Hersel stated in a recent editorial:

“Many athletes achieve success in spite of their injuries. Unfortunately, athletes who suffer from chronic injuries… may find that the associated pain prevents them from training at a competitive level to achieve their personal goals.”

According to reports, Rice is swimming through the pain. She recently said, “I thought the surgery I had in December would have settled down a lot of the pain and irritation I was getting but that’s been pretty constant. It’s been pretty frustrating…” Rice’s story is not uncommon. Often, in an effort to seek relief, patients go through one or several surgeries to correct their pain before seeking the help of a pain management specialist. The physicians at PMIR are trained to find the source of your pain, and help you achieve relief with safe and minimally invasive procedures in our outpatient facilities. Whether you’re a professional athlete, trained runner, or novice fitness enthusiast, don’t let pain get in your way. At PMIR we improve lives through pain relief, so that you can continue about your life without interruptions and go on to win your next gold.

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