Straighten Out Your Daily Posture Habits With These Simple Tips

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Whether it’s slouching in your office chair near the end of the day or scrolling through your phone before bed, maintaining good posture is of utmost importance for minimizing short- and long-term neck and back pain. In today’s screen-filled world, it’s easier than ever to fall into poor posture habits. Use these tips to help improve your posture wherever you go!

In the office:
Adjust your monitor to eye level: This can help you avoid leaning or straining your neck, with your head tilted forward. Also, investing in a standing desk has a variety of benefits.
Sit pretty: Make sure to sit up straight and align your ears, shoulders and hips in one vertical line.
Walk it out: Every 30 minutes, take a break from sitting by stretching standing up or walking around for two minutes.. Slouching begins when muscles tire.

While driving:
Use your head: Keep your head against the headrest while driving.
Make sure you have lumbar support: Place a rolled-up towel or pillow behind your lower back to support the natural curve of your spine.
Sit high: Adjust your seat height to as high as it can comfortably go to allow for proper pelvis positioning.

At home:
Lie down: When texting or browsing on your phone in bed, lie on your back and hold it above your head.
Keep it at eye level: During the day, bring your phone, laptop or tablet screen to eye level so your head isn’t slouched forward
Work it out: Strong core muscles are essential for supporting the upper body, including your neck. Exercise your core muscles regularly to strengthen your neck and prevent injuries.

The stress that poor posture places on your neck and spine can lead to anatomical changes in your body over time—including problems with muscles, joints and discs—that can cause structural problems and pain in the body. By practicing proper body mechanics, you can stand, walk, sit and lie in positions that place the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligament—and help prevent injuries and reduce pain.


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